An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Volume 6, 2004

   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

Adam Cohen
The crossroads of theory of mind and moral reasoning: intention

Christopher DeFraia and Thomas Leustek
Functional genomics study in Arabidopsis thaliana of histidine biosynthesis

Susan Ellor, James Voordeckers, and Costantino Vetriani
Isolation and characterization of a thermophilic, chemolithotrophic nitrate-reducing bacterium from deep-sea hydrothermal vents

Sean P. Kelly, Long Pan, Xiaoying Huang, David H. Olson, and Jing Li
Synthesis and characterization of recyclable porous materials

Spencer Knapp, Silvia Gonzalez, David S. Myers, Lisa L. Eckman, and Carole A. Bewley
Shortcut to mycothiol analogues

Thomas D. Peters
Asymptotics of a nonlinear Fibonacci recurrence

Karin Rafaels, John Kerrigan, Noshir Langrana, and David Lin
Molecular modeling as a visualization tool in design of DNA crosslinked polyacrylamide

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