The Rutgers Scholar
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Choreographic inquiry in collaboration with
digital video technology
(KLEP Video)

Julia Ritter, Megan Byrne*, Gina Carbonaro*,
Sara Ketrow*, and Wendy Thomas*
Department of Dance, Mason Gross School of the Arts,
Rutgers University, New Brunswick New Jersey 08901

*Rutgers Undergraduate Research Fellow



In this project the authors created an interdisciplinary theater work. Key elements of the creative process were close collaboration, exploration of alternative performance venues, and integration of artistic mediums. The work evolved from improvisational exercises to generate movement associated with the concepts of ritual, thievery, desire, and the archetype of the trickster. The environment was captured on video and will be included in future live performances in various locations.

Quicktime - Small version   8,002 kb - 320x256 viewing area
Quicktime - Large version 13,921 kb - 480x376 viewing area
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Realvideo - Small version 3,854 kb
Realvideo - Large version  9,533 kb
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The authors would like to credit the persons listed below for their critical contributions to producing the video material presented here.

Videography: Heather Raikes
Jeremy B. Warner
Composer: Bradford Reed
Costumes: Valentine Amartey
Makeup/Hair Styling: Juliet Hendrickson

The editors of the Rutgers Scholar would like to thank Sam McDonald from Rutgers University Libraries for converting the original DVD disk to QuickTime and RealVideo format.

Copyright 2002 by Julia Ritter
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