The Rutgers Scholar
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Volume 4, 2002

Sciences and Engineering
   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

Charles J. Capozzi and Jun John Xu:
Vanadium-doped manganese oxides as cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries

Yein Sean Chew, Costantino Vetriani and Tamar Barkay:
Mercury resistance and merA sequences of moderately thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria from hydrothermal vents

Moses Chimezie and Frieder Jäkle:
Directed functionalization of ferrocene

Christopher M. Christoudias, Bogdan Georgescu and
   Peter Meer:
Synergism in low level vision

Josiah Fay and Haruo Kojima:
Growing 4He crystals

Michele A. Maurino and James T. Luxhøj:
Analysis of a group decision support system (GDSS) for aviation safety risk evaluation

Markos M. Papadakis and Roger A. Lalancette:
Hydrogen bonding of keto-carboxylic acids in the catemer and dimer motifs

Rinku Parikh and Marianthi Ierapetritou:
Reduction and characterization of cyclohexane oxidation

Adlar Simmons, Jingsi Yang and Jun John Xu:
Manganese based transition metal oxide catalysts for oxygen electrodes in fuel cells

Leonardo Sobrado and Jean-Camille Birget:
Graphical passwords

Sandeep Wontakal, Michael Pierce, and Andrew K. Vershon:
Identification of factors involved in MSE-mediated repression of SMK1

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