The Rutgers Scholar
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Volume 3, 2001

Sciences and Engineering
   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

Joanne Bacchus and Victoria C. Hover:
Constraints on oxidation-reduction chemistry in estuarine salt marsh sediments of the Hackensack Meadowlands, NJ

Michael L. Beaton and Kathryn Uhrich:
Synthesis of a novel poly(anhydride-ester)

Toya L. Gavin, Rishi R. Hinduja, and James T. Luxhøj:
Redesign of work methods for sorting incompatibles in a distribution center

M. Heimmel, D. Glass, L. Wang, A. Sahota, and J. A. Tischfield:
A cell culture system for studying kidney stone disease

James T. Luxhøj and Michele Maurino:
An aviation system risk model (ASRM) case study:
Air Ontario 1363

Andres Martinez and Deborah Silver:
Animation of a volumetric skeleton

James Wilking, Georgia Arbuckle-Keil, and Bing Hsieh:
Comparing the thermal elimination kinetics of two poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivative precursors

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