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The Rutgers Scholar
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Volume 1, 1999


The transition from student to scholar brings with it an appreciation for the importance of asking good questions, of developing ways to obtain, evaluate, and share information, and, ultimately, of making informed judgments and taking effective action. This new electronic bulletin, The Rutgers Scholar, celebrates the work of Rutgers University undergraduates who have made the transition by carrying out significant research projects in close collaboration with Rutgers faculty members. In the accompanying articles, the authors have put the research tools of the modern university to work in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Both their specific achievements and their skills in the integration of information will serve us all well as we pass through the continuous, rapid changes, both at work and at home, that the millennium promises.

Gregory Herzog
Senior Advisor for Undergraduate Education
September, 1999

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