The Rutgers Scholar
An Electronic Bulletin of Undergraduate Research

Volume 1, 1999

Humanities and Social Sciences
   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

Sunday Di Palma, Gayle G. Topper and Miriam Cruz:
Women's attainment of leadership positions in social work academia: the impact of region

Carmen Godwin and Fernanda Perrone:
Woman in a man's world: the career of Mary G. Roebling

Anisha Patel, Judith A. Lucas, Bernadette G. Janas, and Carole Nussbaum:
Processes of identifying and managing eating problems among non-demented elderly residents in a nursing home: A preliminary report

Nancy S. Redeker, Patricia J. Moulton, Maria Walsh, Jennifer Belgioso, Laura Benedetto, Toni Czeczuga, Laura Papania, Mary Laura Reyes, and Kerry Ann Wymbs:
Self-management intervention for elderly heart failure patients: preliminary data

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